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What Others Are Saying...

“…Brittni is a wonderful violinist…. Trademarks of her violin playing include attention to beautiful tone and musicality….[She has] a delightful personality and dedication to excellence in the classroom…”


~ Elaine A.

“[She approaches musical study with] stunningly detailed work…. sheer meticulousness and thoroughness… [with a] musical and emotional maturity, which translates into more expressive playing and performance.”


~ Maira L.

“Brittni is wonderful, and our daughter has enjoyed getting to know her and working with her.”

~ R.W.

“We wanted our daughter to learn piano…and boy did Brittni teach her!”

~ Scott

“Because of Brittni, our daughter had the knowledge and confidence to join the school orchestra and take a new path in music education. We deeply appreciate the years of dedication and hard work that Brittni has put into teaching our daughter an appreciation of string instruments.”

~ Lisa

“I have taken piano lessons with many different teachers over the course of 40 years, but none like this! Brittni teaches with such attention to detail and focuses on developing skills that carry over to each and every piece of music.” 


~ Mary

“I’m surprised by how much our son has enjoyed lessons! He really likes lessons with Brittni!”

~ Dawn







“Thank you for teaching violin to me! I think you have done a good job. My mom and dad think so too!"

~ K.B., 7 years old








“Brittni has been one of the most influential people in my life. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me. Brittni has given me [so much] encouragement and help! I am now studying Music Education and plan to go on to graduate school after undergraduate studies.”

~ Raymon 

“My daughter has really enjoyed being with Brittni. She expends so much time and effort with my daughter.”


~ S.M.







“Brittni taught me how to play the piano for the past nine years. I’ve always loved just playing, but having Brittni there to help me made it even more enjoyable. Brittni is such a kind person who I could always joke around with. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be my teacher.” 


~ Mazzy




 “Brittni has taught me so much over the years and I've genuinely enjoyed my lessons with her. She has given me a confidence in my violin playing that I never had before.”


~ Cassie