Student Opportunities and Activities


Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program 


  • Sequenced course of study from Beginner through Advanced Levels
  • Assessments provided biannually
  • Certificates of Achievement are awarded for each level of achievement
  • Certificates of Excellence awarded for the highest score per level at each testing center
  • State awards given to the two highest scores per level above 85.




  • Awarded annually to students for project to enhance their musical studies
  • Maximum award per student is $200.00
  • Projects selected in the past include: assessment fees, competition fees, attend a music camp and to support private lessons



OhioMTA State Buckeye Auditions 


  • Highly Competitive Event for students residing in Ohio or studying with an Ohio Music Teacher
  • Preliminary Auditions at the District Level and Finals at the State Level
  • Auditions in Piano, Strings, Voice and Woodwind offered at the Elementary, Junior and Senior Levels


MTNA Competitions


  • Highly Competitive National Competition for students residing in Ohio or studying with an Ohio Music Teacher
  • Preliminaries at the State Level, Semi-Finals at the East-Central Division Level, Finals at the MTNA National Conference
  • Competitions in Brass, Chamber Music-Strings, Chamber Music-Woodwinds, Composition, Piano, Strings, Voice and Woodwinds, offered at Elementary, Junior, Senior and Young Artist Levels