Upon signing up for classes, the caregiver/parent will be asked to read the Enrollment Information and accept the policies outlined. By accepting, you agree to respect and abide by the studio’s current policies as long as the student is attending classes. If a new version of the Enrollment Information is issued, the instructor will provide a copy with the new relevant changes.


Tuition and Payment:

$63/month ($57/month for 2nd child)

Class and semester length: One 45-minute class per week ongoing year-round (42 classes per year)

What’s included?

·       42 (45-minute) classes per year

o   2018–2019 Academic Year (August 13th – May 31st): 34 class weeks (broken into two Fall and Spring 17-week semesters followed by makeup/flex weeks for makeup classes)

o   2019 Summer Term (June 1st – August 11th): 8 lessons (followed by makeup/flex weeks for makeup classes)

·       Digital home materials (Kindermusik online)

·       Licensed Kindermusik educator

·       Unlimited makeup classes

Payment will be required on a monthly basis. Tuition is divided into 12 equal monthly payments. This means that Kindermusik classes are on a monthly subscription format for payments. Every month, a set amount is automatically debited from your account on the same date of every month. It is a set, monthly fee no matter how many classes are attended that month.

Please note that the first monthly payment is due at the time of registration. You may join the class at any time. If you enroll after the monthly session has begun, your tuition will be prorated to only include the remaining classes for that month.  

One-time fees: One-time fees may include the purchase of instruments or any other extra class materials special ordered for a student, or additional special classes/playdates the student may attend.

Payment methods accepted include: cash, check, bank draft, or credit card.

The preferred way to enroll is online and payment is by credit or debit card. If this is impossible, please contact Musical Moments Studio for other options.

Checks may be made payable to: Musical Moments Studio, LLC.


Makeup Classes:

Unlimited makeup classes are offered. If a student must miss a class, the student may make up the missed class by joining another regularly scheduled weekly class. There will also be one makeup week offered at the end of each semester. All makeup lessons must be completed before the end of the summer term. Classes not made up by the end of the summer term will be forfeited. Refunds will not be given for skipped classes that are not made up.

Please note, that makeup classes must be scheduled in advance with the instructor, as not all classes may have the room to accommodate extra students or be level-appropriate for your child. Drop-ins are NOT allowed. To schedule your makeup class, please email Brittni at brittni@musicalmomentsstudio.com.

If the teacher must cancel class for any reason, the teacher will offer to reschedule class, either at a different time that week or at the end of each semester.


Class Withdrawal:

Classes are ongoing year-round and once a student is enrolled, the student will continue to stay enrolled. If it becomes necessary to stop classes, please provide notification at least one week before the end of the next 4-week themed unit. A withdrawal form will be provided upon notification and no charges will made for the following unit. Families who do not give at least a one-week notice of un-enrolling will be charged for the following month and may continue to attend classes for the remainder of the next month. There are no refunds for classes occurring before your drop date. Make up classes must be scheduled and redeemed before the drop date.


Class Registration:

Students are welcome to enroll anytime during the year. Tuition prices will be prorated if a student is enrolled after the 4 week monthly session has begun.


Changing Classes:

You may change classes any time during the semester if there is an open spot in the class you are interested in at that time. Permission of the program director (Brittni) is needed. Call 330-685-3429 or email brittni@musicalmomentsstudio.com if a change is needed.


Determining Class Level and Advancement:

Because each curriculum is developmentally specific, in most cases, children should be at least the minimum age for the class in which you are enrolling. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Each child's needs will be taken into consideration to place each child in the class best suited for him or her. Children may graduate up to the next age group level mid-year with the permission of the teacher.


Parent or Caregiver Involvement:

It is encouraged that only one parent/caregiver attend class with their child at a time, as classes are designed for one-on-one interaction and space in our classroom is somewhat limited. A maximum of two parents/caregivers may attend with each child. If you wish to have larger family group classes, special playdate classes can be arranged with the instructor.


Sibling Policy:

Siblings are not permitted in class unless they are enrolled or it is prearranged for a one time visit. In that case, the family must email brittni@musicalmomentsstudio.com to schedule the extra child and pay $14 in cash or check made out to “Musical Moments Studio, LLC” given directly to the teacher on that day. The exception for this is for children who do not ‘participate’ in class, ex. Very young babies who do not participate in activities. As there is no one available to supervise siblings during our classes, siblings are encouraged to either be enrolled in the class or for arrangements to be made for an alternate caregiver to supervise the other child. Mixed ages class are also available to families who wish to have all their children in class each week.



We spend a lot of time on the floor. We ask that you wear clean shoes or socks into the classrooms to keep the floor as clean as possible. Feel free to take your shoes off if you are comfortable doing so. We suggest comfortable clothes to sit and move in for children and caregivers.


Cell Phones: Please turn your cell phones off and put them away before coming into class. We want you to enjoy the class time with your child to the fullest. If you want to take pictures, please ask other parents if it is alright with them as some do not want their child’s pictures posted to social media.



The teacher can be contacted via email at brittni@musicalmomentsstudio.com.




At the instructor’s discretion, classes may need to be rescheduled or combined with similar age groups/classes if the minimum enrollment is not met. (Minimum enrollment is usually four children per class.) In this situation, the instructor will strive to give adequate notice and will give parents the option of choosing another class.